Lauren Rodriguez

Why I Love What I Do

Category : Learning · No Comments · by Jan 9th, 2013

I love what I do for a living. Like many others before me, I’ve switched careers and have daydreamed about other careers. But, I can’t imagine a career that is better suited for my personality.

As a kid, you couldn’t pry me away from books. The World Book encyclopedias that my parents invested in for us was a treasure trove of new facts and faraway lands. If I wasn’t coloring or drawing countless horses and princesses for my grandparents to hang up proudly, then I had my nose in a book. I was the kid with the flashlight under the blanket.

The fact is, I love to learn. As a parent, I drive my kids crazy when I usurp control of the TV to watch the evening news, or force them to listen to countless stories on NPR while driving them here and there. They can’t understand why I can’t turn that stuff off. I want to know what’s going on in the world – I want to learn new things.

As a UI Designer and Developer, I am constantly teaching myself new things every day. In fact, it’s kind of essential that I do. My encyclopedia today is Google. Whatever I need to learn to complete a task, more than likely, is there in Google’s search results. I LOVE THAT!

Today, I needed to figure out an Illustrator technique, and after a couple searches… boom! There it was. Problem solved.

There are so many great designers and developers out there who have graciously imparted their knowledge for all of us to share. And there are great sites dedicated to professional development in this field – sites like and Recently, I’ve been watching a couple of WordPress tutorials on presented by Morten Rand-Hendriksen. I love his tutorials, and I love that you can learn at your own pace. Great stuff!

I hope my love of learning rubs off on my kids. Maybe someday they will understand why I had to sit in the driveway to finish listening to that story on NPR. I remind them often about how I use math every day in my work 🙂

I hope some day they find joy in their work like I have in mine.